Survive - Wilderness survival

Developer: Juuso Hietalahti

Genre: Simulation

Game submitted by: Wimblewomble

Date Submitted: May 14, 2017, 9:38 a.m.



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Wilderness survival simulation game.--- VERSION 200 DEVELOPMENT NEWS (April 1st, 2017) ---Survive version 200 development is still going on. I've done engine upgrade, totally renewed inventory, fixed bugs, but unfortunately this stuff takes time. I'm working to get it to everybody as soon as possible. Thanks for patience and all the support I've got.- JuusoSurvive developer--- VERSION 196 NOW AVAILABLE (Nov 29, 2016) ---Please forget the dreaded update 188. That was a horrible experiment where leg injury / difficulty pretty much ruined the whole game. Let's all pretend version 188 never happened, and happily Update to 196. Check out in-game devlog for details. (If update 196 is not yet available, please give it another 24 hours to arrive to your device)And I'm listening to your feedback. All feedback critical & honest feedback is most welcome.Yours,- JuusoSurvive game --- DESCRIPTION ---Try survive and travel to safety. Wilderness survival themed simulation where you need to decide how you spend your time and what action is most crucial for you now in order to survive: building a shelter, finding food, water, traveling, collecting firewood.--- PRIVACY ---Game can be played OFFLINE. If you have internet connction, then game will try send anonymized data about gameplay (things like "X number of people play game")--- DISCLAIMER ---'SURVIVE' IS A SIMULATION GAME INTENDED FOR ENTERTAINMENT ONLY. THIS IS NOT A COURSE IN WILDERNESS SURVIVAL; PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT ANY OF THESE MEASURES WITHOUT INSTRUCTION FROM A PROFESSIONAL OR EXPERT.