Discovering new, play worthy android games on Google Play Store has become an impossible task, at least in my personal experience. But it seems that I am not the only one who shares the opinion that Play Store top charts are just sad.

I spend a lot of time on reddit (mostly lurking). I noticed that people very frequently ask for new, cool, and interesting mobile games to play. Some Redditors would then come to the rescue, post a few games and then the cycle repeats. Someone asks for games, some people post their favorite ones and so on. So I got this brilliant idea, why not make a website where people could post their favorite games and make it easy for others to discover them? How is this better than what is already being done on reddit's AndroidGaming subreddit you wonder? Well, for starters, the games are all in one place and easily searchable and filterable. Besides only displaying games' names, as the case is on reddit, you get some additional visual feel of the game (Game icons, screenshots etc.). But it gets better. All a user needs to do is register for the website and leave a google play store link for the game he/she thinks others would appreciate playing and the website automagically takes care of grabbing all other info for you. That simple. Similar to reddit, users can upvote or downvote games. And this is how games are ranked. The website keeps track of what a user's individual score is, that is how well he/she is ranked based on the score of all the games he/she has submitted. Essentially, there is a leaderboard of all website users and as you score rises the more credible source of awesome android games you become. This will hopefully prevent users from posting shitty games and as an additional safeguard against this I am limiting users to posting only 5 games a day (I might lift this limit in the future for users that have high scores).

It gets even better (or it will in the near future). Users are able to tag games. For example, there might be a game that is free and has zero advertisements. Or a game is free, it has in app purchases (in-apps) but it does not have pay-to-win model. Users who post games will be able to tag games using these and many others categories so that others can filter games using those tags. Or there might be a game that is great in every aspect and you would love others to play it but it has intrusive advertisements or asks for sensitive permissions. Not to worry, you will be able to tag it and warn others. You want a list of games that have a controller support? You will be able to search for those as some point as well as the database grows. If you know of an android game that's on sale you can tag it as on sale and have others easily discover it.

Privacy and User Agreement

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Please note that once you create an account you won't be able to delete it and you won't be able to delete any games that you submit. This way, all the games that you submit will always stay in the database and available to other users to search for them. And this is to protect against rigging your user score if one of the games that you submit starts accumulating negative score.

When you access www.playworthy.io certain information about you may be collected:

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